Personal training help you to achieve far more than you are able to on your own without pushing you too far outside your comfort zone.  During these Corona Virus times I will be doing PT sessions remotely over the internet.  (see my tips below)

See what we offer, the goals that other people have had, and ways to train below

Personal Training


Services included:

- Brief body assessment (asymmetry, injury)

- Consultation (dislikes, likes, routine)

- Bespoke programs

- Goal setting

- Injury prevention & rehab (where required)

- Record of your progress

- Use of my studio


Half an hour.............................  £25

Full hour..................................  £40



PT & Sports massage Combined - Not Currently Available


Services included:

- Partial body assessment (asymmetry, injury)

- Consultation

- 1/2hr personal training (exercises/stretches)

- 1/2hr sports massage 

- Advise on self-help exercises & stretches

- Use of my studio

Full Hour  ..............................… £45

What the


"Caroline's repertoire of teaching skills equips her excellently to help you with flexibility"

"She is a superb PT. I have great respect for her ability to work on full body flexibility as she is highly qualified in a range of disciplines"

TIPS - Getting the best out of going virtual!

Ensure your device is fully charged and in airplane mode

Best not to eat for 1hr before exercise

Click through from your email to "Join Meeting" 5-10 mins before our appointment

Place your iPad or laptop on the floor 2m away in landscape mode

Let me know in advance of any kit you have (bands, balls, ropes, dumbells, kettlebell)

Get the cooperation of family to leave you alone, if that's what you want

We will be using Cisco Webex Meeting, but you don't have to download the app

Your video may drop in and out as the bandwidth is tested by all UK residents!


  • Removing Back, Neck or Shoulder Pain: Clients who have been caught in a cycle of pain/relief come to me to resolve the problem by addressing the muscle imbalances which often lead to pain.  Massage combined with injury specific strengthening exercises can be very effective.


  • Learn how to stay fit with chronic conditions: Staying supple and working muscle balance with MS or Ankylosing Spondylosis, fit post chemo or op, or strong and stable with Parkinsons.  Mental health is greatly affected by regular exercise and relaxation. 

  • Pre & Post (hip, knee & abdominal) operations: Pre-op fitness can significantly aid recovery.  Post-op facilitates a safe return to exercise.  I co-ordinate with surgeons and physios to ensure consistancy of care.


  • Pass fitness assesments: to enter the firebregade and RAF.

  • Meditation & Yoga: for stress relief and to help multiple sclerosis or anxiety.

  • Sport Specific Training to Excel in the Sport: I've worked with martial artists, triathletes; ultimate frisbee, real tennis, female footballers and netball players.  



  • SkiErg: Made by the world class rowing company, Concept 2, the SkiErg works the whole body in a high intensity workout that can build stamina, upper body and core strength.

  • MMA: Mixed Martial Arts incorporate your cardio workout with a strength workout using martial arts techniques.  The stress relief of hitting the pads can be very theraputic.

  • Yoga: I have helped runners to learn better control of their breathing to help their running endurance.   Breath control and meditation can be very advantageous to pregnant mothers and help calm highly stressed professionals.  The benefits of yoga asana/poses have been very successful in helping athletes lengthen their muscles and correct imbalances which often lead to injury and pain.

  • Flexibar: Strength building through vibration.  This unusual piece of equipment is a superb and unusual training tool for toning.  It adds variety to routines for the fitness veteran!

  • Kettlebells: Strength, core and cardio in one. Not solely reserved for the super fit, kettlebells can massively raise the heart rate through movement and repetition.  Because the core is engaged all the time, this develops great stomach, bottom and back strength in a functional way.

  • Body Weight exercises: I love to train people using just their bodies, after all, you can develop enormous strength by lifting your own body weight.  This is an excellent rehabilitation tool too, as muscles become short and tight we can lengthen using equipment free drills to re-establish your symetry and posture, thereby injury proofing you.   Not least of all, you can do these drills on holiday or in your home with no equipment!

  • ViPR: ViPR bridges the gap between movement and strength training. It combines full-body movement with load, enhancing the vitality, performance and reconditioning goals of clients and athletes.

  • Swimming: I can give you a program to develop your swimming over time.

  • Running: We can schedule your runs to build you up to an event, I have worked with endurance eventers.


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