Remedial massage treats injury or imbalance.  It involves assessing the body, then using stretching, nerve activation and manual therapy it rebalances soft tissues, including muscles.  The body is then reassessed​.  The perfect compliment is to have a personal training session to teach you to strengthen weak muscles so that these tight muscles are less likely to reoccur.

Sports massage is not limited to athletes, it can be thought of more of a maintenance massage to relieve adhesions, encourage circulation, address the nervous system and provide balance within the body for optimal performance.

If you book in for one of our massages you will be given the appropriate massage for you.  Be it curative/remedial, sports/maintenance, pre- or even post- event.

Kinesiology taping available to speed up recovery, aid drainage from site of swelling and bruising, possibly enhance performance.

See what we offer below





A great way to calm the nervous system, and help your muscles soften and lengthen.  Massage can benefit every one!  Athletes benefit from improving circulation to muscles, to break down adhesions & realign muscle fibres. Injuries can often be improved & pain relieved.



Services included:

- Partial body assessment (asymmetry, injury)

- Consultation (history of injury, treatments)

- Massage

- Reassess any changes

- Advise of self-help stretches & exercises


Half an hour.............................  £30

Full hour..................................  £45



PT & Massage 

The perfect compliment is to have a personal training session to teach you to strengthen weak muscles so that these tight muscles are less likely to reoccur.  Followed by massage to tight muscles, to help circulation, to calm the nervous system and break up adhesions.



Services included:

- Partial body assessment (asymetry, injury)

- Consultation

- 1/2hr Personal training session 

- 1/2hr Sports massage

- Advise of self-help stretches and exercises

- Use of my studio



Full Hour  ..............................… £45

Postural Assessment





​A one off assessment of your symmetry & movement patterns.  We  can help you learn what to stretch and what to strengthen in order to move freely and reduce injury potential.  

Ideally this is precedes personal training sessions with us but could be stand-alone.


Services included:

- Full body assessment

(using visual assessment, manipulation and palpation)

- Record of findings (on request)

- Program to address any issues (on request)


Full hour ......................................  £45

What the


"Caroline has a good understanding of anatomy and physiology"

 "Caroline shows a very good understanding of soft tissue dysfunction and healing"


  • Reduce Pain - shoulders, knee, hips, neck and back

  • Promote balance - softening and smoothing out adhesions in the muscle fibres and breaking up fascia (ref The Fuzz Speach on UTube)

  • Enhance performance - improve level of performance in a sport by restoring normal function & length  of muscles

  • Pre-event massages can help stimulate the muscles and enhance performance during the event.

  • Post-event massage can help realign muscle fibres, clear out byproducts of exercise from the muscles and help promote healing circulation to damaged muscles.

How Can Sports Massage Help You?

  • Acute Injury - If you have an injury occurring withing the last 4 days - this is best treated with rest, ice, elevation and compression.  (Click on the pencil icon        for a document explaining acute injury, how to deal with it & why not to massage).

  • Certain Medical Conditions - We can't give you a sports massage you if you have: diabetes, cancer, open wounds, DVT, an infectious skin disease or have a tumor.  

  • Pregnancy - Unfortunately, we can't help if you are pregnant (despite being delighted for you).  Other masseurs specializing in massage in pregnancy may be able to help.

When Should you Avoid Sports Massage?


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