Remedial massage treats injury or imbalance.  It involves assessing the body, then using stretching, nerve activation and manual therapy, before reassessing​.  The perfect compliment is to have a personal training session to teach you to strengthen weak muscles so that these tight muscles are less likely to reoccur.

Not limited to athletes, sports massage is like a maintenance massage to relieve adhesions, encourage circulation, address the nervous system and provide balance within the body for optimal performance.

We treat in a curative/remedial way, for sports/maintenance, and pre- or post- event.

Kinesiology taping available to speed up recovery, aid drainage from site of swelling and bruising, possibly enhance performance.

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Services included:

- Partial body assessment (asymmetry, injury)

- Consultation (history of injury, treatments)

- Massage

- Reassess any changes

- Advise of self-help stretches & exercises

Half an hour.............................  £30

Full hour..................................  £45



PT & Massage 

Services included:

- Partial body assessment (asymetry, injury)

- Consultation

- 1/2hr Personal training session 

- 1/2hr Sports massage

- Advise of self-help stretches and exercises

- Use of my studio


Full Hour  ..............................… £45

What the


"Caroline has a good understanding of anatomy and physiology"

 "Caroline shows a very good understanding of soft tissue dysfunction and healing"


  • Reduce Pain - shoulders, knee, hips, neck and back

  • Promote balance - softening and smoothing out adhesions in the muscle fibres and breaking up fascia (ref The Fuzz Speach on UTube)

  • Enhance performance - improve level of performance in a sport by restoring normal function & length  of muscles

  • Pre-event massages can help stimulate the muscles and enhance performance during the event.

  • Post-event massage can help realign muscle fibres, clear out byproducts of exercise from the muscles and help promote healing circulation to damaged muscles.

How Can Sports Massage Help You?

  • Acute Injury - If you have an injury occurring withing the last 4 days - this is best treated with rest, elevation and compression.  (Click on my blog for a document explaining acute injury, how to deal with it & why not to massage).

  • Certain Medical Conditions - We can't give you a sports massage you if you have: diabetes, cancer, open wounds, DVT, an infectious skin disease or have a tumor.  

  • Pregnancy - Unfortunately, we can't help if you are pregnant (despite being delighted for you).  Other masseurs specializing in massage in pregnancy may be able to help.

When Should you Avoid Sports Massage?

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